Amy Jessie - Poet
Vicky Evans - Poet

A poet who writes with elegance, tranquility and compassion. 




In the secretive spiral the answers lay

In the wispy wind I begin to sway 
In the chaos I choose to pray 

In the soil the nutrients are found 
In the Godly sky the light beams are bound 
In the trees feathered beings are crowned 

In the cool breeze, rustles crispy leaves
In the humble day humans & creatures weave 
In the wondrous fresh air I believe

In my own space I close my eyes to see
In the idiosyncratic world that creates "I" into "we"
In healing times nature is the bearer of the key 





















In awe of the nurturing land that gives my sacred body a home

Mesmerised by the light who needs me to see my own

Hypnotised by the billowing clouds, shifting 
Inspired by the tweets & chips that I find uplifting

Honouring the polarity of the weather
In all, feeling delighted to see the purity of a white feather 

Moved by the monumental water that shows me to flow
Teaching me when to bravely let go

Wanting & needing a radical serene change in my "own" universe...
Then without expectation, witnessing miracles emerse

Aware of warming energies, that are deeply divine 
To me nothing physically here, is truly "mine"

Paul Crudgington - Photographer 
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Nuteku - VJ

A poet of great insight, depth and beauty...New book out now, link below.

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