Broad-minded's primary focus is about using music and wellness to develop, express and inspire.  

Our services;

  • Music Services                     Intuitive Electronic Music Making (Educational/3rd sector/Experience gift days)

                                              ​​ Sound Management - (SMB Away days)

  • Professional Coaching           Personal, Coaching in the Community and the Workplace 

  • Wellness Services                 Movement, Sound and Mindfulness classes and courses (coming 2022)

  • Music Promotions                  Record Label and Events


Broad-minded is also very much about the bigger picture and is based on a innovative concept centred around the solar system, with a view to all things evolving and thinking outside the box. 'Using awareness, unity and positivity to be conscious, fulfil potential and be at peace' is the main philosophy behind the broader aspects of broad-minded.




In the future we will be launching an online magazine/blog/signpost etc that encompasses many aspects of our lives to create awareness, unity, creativity, positivity, fulfilling potential, self caring, expression etc as well as having a social and planetary conscious.  It's very much about being open-minded, developing, trying something new, embracing change etc.

Broad-minded main areas of focus;

  • Music Development

  • Personal Development

  • Creative Development

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Community Unity and being Charitable

  • Looking after the planet

  • Entrepreneur Development

  • Positive News

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Science and innovation

  • Social interaction