Broad-minded Coaching

Type of Coaching

Creative/Enterprise/Purpose/Career/Health & Wellbeing/Spiritual

My Approach/Style

  • Having inner peace and balance, clearing out the clutter.

  • A focus on having fun and being imaginative

  • Positive thinking for the body and mind followed up by actions

  • Choosing the path you are most passionate about

  • Daring to risk with wisdom and stability

  • Using intuition and not fear

  • Breaking down barriers and forming good habits

  • Aligning all aspects of self towards their goal or goals

  • Developing ideas and inspiration

  • Using visual aspects through mind maps, drawings and

      music if useful.

  • Thinking outside the box, being innovative and resourceful

The Sessions


The Coaching can be about starting a new venture, coming up with new ideas, how to come out of stagnation, how to keep motivated, inspiring yourself, solving and managing issues, breaking down barriers etc. The sessions will be very much about you intuitively taking the lead and me listening.  I will guide things through gentle probing, suggestions and my intuitive feelings.  As well as using creativity to help things flow and be fun as we will look at any blocks and find improvements and solutions to situations. 

Why choose a broad-minded coach?

I feel a coach with an open mind allows for the client to feel comfortable.  Safe in the knowledge that the coach is adaptable and won’t judge you.  The coach will accept you for who you are, which is important when working with someone regarding your future, in order for you to open up and develop as a person.  I am also relaxed, humorous and joyful, qualities I feel are important to have in life and for coaching.


My Background

  • Self starter as a self employed business since 2003

  • Working as a Learning Mentor NOCN Level 2 & 3 Certificate

  • Previous experience working as a learning Mentor in Education

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Linked In Best Business, Community Focus Award 2007 in Cheshire, Warrington & Ellesmere Port

  • Volunteer at Imani Community Centre helping vulnerable young people develop

  • 10 years continuing work in Education

  • Explored places of the world such as 6 weeks travelling around Thailand, 5 weeks in China practising Tai Chi in the Wudang Mountains, the birthplace of Tai Chi

  • Most importantly at the age of 44 I have lots of life experiences.  I have had to overcome many adversities in life like many people and always see a positive in situations.