Professional Coaching 

Type of Life Coaching

  • Personal Life Coaching

  • Workplace Coaching

  • Coaching in the Community (3rd Sector )

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My Approach/Style

Broad-minded coaching is based on an holistic style that uses the transformational model.  It's very much about using a whole person intuitive approach that's future focused.  The coaching process helps you to become truly aware of who you are, understand yourself more, and what you really want to do. Through a thought provoking and creative process we help people to unlock barriers, as well as self limiting beliefs so they can achieve and sustain their full potential. 

The Sessions


Broad-minded Coaching is very much about the client empowering themselves with the help of the coach.  Through structure the coach will support and guide the client to achieve an inspirational goal though it's very much about the client taking the lead and making their own decisions so they can empower themselves.  It's a partnership that involves support from the coach in order to help the client stay focused, motivated and inspired on their coaching journey.  Through thought provoking questions the coach will challenge the clients thinking, taking them out of their comfort zone and stretch them to shift themselves forward.

Why choose a broad-minded coach?

When I was coached myself 18 years ago I recognised aspects of my self in the other person as a future coach. I understand the great benefits it has on many levels of your life, from family, aspects to financial, work and other personal areas.  It can truly make great shits in your wellbeing, mentality and outlook.

As a result some years later I am training to became a Professional Coach as I like helping people express, develop and inspire themselves.  I take great fulfilment from people developing themselves and moving forward in their life.  I am passionate about people being happy in themselves, feeling balanced and living their purpose.

My Background

  • A Professional Coach in training with the International Coaching Federation

  • Self starter as a self employed business since 2003

  • Working as a Learning Mentor NOCN Level 2 & 3 Certificate

  • Previous experience working as a learning Mentor in Education

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Linked In Best Business, Community Focus Award 2007 in Cheshire, Warrington & Ellesmere Port

  • Volunteer at Imani Community Centre helping vulnerable young people develop

  • 10 years plus continuing work in Education